WOW Air, Flight to Europe for $69-$99

WOW Air has a new promotion with flights to Europe starting at just $69 one way. The cheapest fares are for travel to Iceland but you can also fly to other European destinations for $99 one way. You obviously need to book a return flight as well, which might cost a bit more. You can just book directly on their website.

wow fare sale

You can fly from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis or Pittsburgh to:

  • Reykjavik from $69
  • Amsterdam from $99
  • Brussels from $99
  • Dublin from $99
  • Frankfurt from $99
  • London from $99

There’s availability from November 2018 until April 2019.


WOW Air charges for almost everything, so make sure you go over their list of fees before booking. You’re only allowed a free carry-on item (17x13x10 in./22 lbs), which is very very small. You’ll have to pay for a carry-on bag and checked luggage.

Seat assignment will also cost you, $9.99-$10.99. Check out the full list of fees and charges here.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

$69 to Europe is as good as it gets. $99 is also a super cheap fare for destinations like Amsterdam, Frankfurt and more. WOW Air is not for everyone, especially if you want to pay the cheapest price. There’s no luggage and no assigned seats, but you can’t beat the price. Good to see these offers continue even after WOW Air was bought by IcelandAir.

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