Woot!, 15 Hours of Deals Including BOCs

Woot!, 15 Hours of Deals Including BOCs

Today, July 17, from 7AM to 10PM, Woot! is celebrating its 16th birthday with tons of deals every 30 minutes or less, including 4,000 BOCs.

The ‘Bag of Crap’ is an item often offered at Woot! during a holiday or special occasion and consists of a random “crappy” items from around the warehouse for $1 each. Then, it’s put in a random “crappy” bag and shipped to you. You don;t know what it is exact until you receive it. And it is really random. You could get a Roomba, big screen TV or some cheap crap. BOCs sell quickly.

All Amazon Prime members get free shipping on all orders from Woot!.

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