White Castle Offers Free Combo Meal for Furloughed Federal Workers

The government shutdown is only affecting a small percentage of the workforce directly, although more people can easily feel the pain. LaGuardia for example was shut down temporarily earlier this morning for example. Those 800,000 federal government workers affected by the shutdown have not been getting paid since December 22, 2018. That’s a long time to go without any income, and not everyone has savings they can dip into. But at least many companies are stepping in to ease the pain.

white castle federal workers

White Castle is offering up a little relief to furloughed workers across the country as well. On January 29, furloughed federal employees can stop into any of the nation’s nearly 400 White Castle locations for a free Combo Meal (only #1-6) or Breakfast Combo Meal.

On top of that,¬†White Castle is proposing the “first-ever Slider Summit,” it announced in a release. The chain offered to cater a bipartisan gathering of government leaders in Washington to facilitate discussions about the shutdown. The company has offered to drive its Crave Mobile food truck more than 300 miles to the capital to host the discussion.

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