Wells Fargo Adds New Anti-Gaming Language to Credit Card Terms

Wells Fargo Adds New Anti-Gaming Language to Credit Card Terms

Wells Fargo has updated the terms for its credit card products. These changes were announced in the monthly statements sent out to customers. One of the main changes that most readers might worry about, is about Misuse or Gaming. It states the following:

Misuse or gaming includes, but is not limited to:
•  Obtaining or using an account to maximize Rewards earned and redeemed in a manner that is not consistent with typical customer activity: and/or
•  Multiple Credit Card account applications and openings.

The language is vague. Basically you should act as a typical customer and not open too many accounts. What’s a typical customer and what’s considered too many accounts, no one knows. This might not affect many people, but the tougher language on misuse or gaming, or make it difficult to fight Wells Fargo if they take your points away.

They also have some other changes such as using points from a Rewards Pool to redeem for electronic gift cards, forfeiture of points in the case of cardholder death, and a daily limit on the amount of cash or cash redemptions you can make at an ATM. Travel with Grant has more details and screenshots of these changes.

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