Watch Out For Cash Advance Fees When Buying Gift Cards On eBay

If you do a lot of gift card purchases on eBay, you should be careful if you buy from SVM. There’s been lots of reports in recent days that some purchases have been coding as cash advance. The change seems to have started around February 9th. Besides paying the fee, you won’t earn any rewards on the purchase either.

svmgiftcards   eBay Stores.jpeg

Visa and Mastercard are the most affected cards and I’ve seen more such data points from Citi than other banks. American Express is not affected so far.

Purchases on affected cards are coding as cash advance whether purchasing directly with a credit card on eBay, or through PayPal.

If you plan on purchasing gift cards from SVM, make sure you use an Amex card or set you cash advance limit to $0. In that case your purchase shouldn’t go through if it would have coded as cash advance.

If you were already hit with a CA fee, you can try asking for a refund from the bank, or SVM. If SVM refunds you, the CA fee will be refunded automatically.


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