Vio Bank High-Yield Savings Account, Earn 1.75% APY

  • Update 4/14/2020: Rate lowered to 1.75% APY.
  • Update 3/16/2020: Rate lowered to 1.85% APY.
  • Update 2/6/2020: Rate lowered to 1.95% APY.
  • Update 11/1/2019: Rate lowered to 2.07% APY.

Vio bank has a High-Yield Savings Account that offers the best rates for large amounts of money. And it doesn’t require any monthly activities. Open a Vio Bank High-Yield Savings Account and earn a 2.52% APY. The offer is available nationwide and with other banks lowering their rates, it’s not the best possible option as far as I know. Here’s some details about the offer:

  • Your money is FDIC insured up to $250,000
  • Only $100 minimum to open
  • 6 free withdrawals per monthly statement cycle
  • No monthly fee

Vio bank High-Yield Savings Account

Offer Terms

  • A $10 fee will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of 6 per monthly statement cycle.
  • Excessive withdrawals may result in account closure.
  • External Transfers (inbound and outbound combined) are limited to and may not exceed $5,000 daily and per transaction and are limited to and may not exceed $20,000 per calendar month

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is the best rate available for large amounts with no monthly activities required. Just take a look at the limits for external transfers as it might be a deal breaker for some people. You can check other high yield accounts here.

Account Details

  • Offer Page
  • APY: 2.07%
  • Min/ Max Amount: Minimum $100. No maximum.
  • Inquiry Type: Soft
  • ChexSystems Pull: Yes
  • Credit Card Funding: No
  • Requirements: None
  • Monthly Fee: No

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3 thoughts on “Vio Bank High-Yield Savings Account, Earn 1.75% APY

  1. Great time for this post I was just looking in to High yield account yesterday as it took many many years to realize my current banks have been screwing me with 0.01-0.05% interest in currently receiving. Even my money market was only earning .15% and I have money locked up in CD 6-36 months earning only .7-1.1% I wish I relized long time ago about the high yield banks that offer 2%++ without have to lock any money up. I just opened a Popular Direct account last night and I also noticed even Green Dot is offering 3% high-yield savings account.

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