Uber Adds New Hourly Feature in 12 Cities

Uber Adds New Hourly Feature in 12 Cities

Uber has launched a new feature called Hourly. It allows riders to book trips by the hour at a flat rate and add destinations within that time frame as needed.

The feature was first tested abroad in countries like Australia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Now it will be launched in 12 US cities on Tuesday. The feature will be available in: Atlanta; Chicago; Washington, DC; Dallas; Houston; Miami; Orlando; Tampa Bay’ Philadelphia; Phoenix; Tacoma; and Seattle. The company says it expects to expand it to more cities in the coming weeks.

The cost is $50 per hour with mileage overage varying by city, and riders can book in hourly increments. Riders can select the option for up to 7 hours, and if they go over the hourly time limit, they’ll be charged a per-minute rate. Hourly is limited to 40 miles of distance per hour and any miles traveled beyond that limit also will face an additional charge. Once requested, you’ll be matched with a driver who has a more spacious and newer vehicle make / model of cars that are eligible for Uber Comfort.

You can read the announcement here.

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