Travel to the Best Casinos in Macau

Travel to the Best Casinos in Macau

Singapore undeniably boasts of its two crown jewels: Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. However, only some places can hold a candle to Macau regarding the sheer shimmer and allure of gaming in Asia. Over the years, Macau has seamlessly metamorphosed into an unparalleled hub for casinos. Indeed, it’s intriguing that this city is the proud host of over 40 casinos. Therefore, if you are in the vicinity and are inclined to test both your skill and fortune or are merely enamored by the electric ambience, Macau presents some of the most stellar casinos worthy of exploration.

How Did Macau Come to Claim This Title?

In the historical context of Macau, dating back to the 1850s, gambling was decreed as legal under the Portuguese regime’s stewardship. From that pivotal juncture, Macau has arguably ascended to the zenith of the casino world. Intriguingly, this casino industry is not merely a recreational appendage but constitutes 50 per cent of Macau’s economic backbone. Consequently, and quite predictably, there has been a burgeoning surge in the inauguration of new casinos. Each establishment is a tapestry of unique themes and designs in its architecture and ethos.

Take, for instance, The Parisian Macao. As the terminology subtly hints, it emulates the razzmatazz of Parisian splendor. Hence, as one journeys through the streets of locales, it’s almost an involuntary gesture to identify a neighboring casino or resort. Given Macau’s convenient proximity to Hong Kong, accessible via a brief ferry or bus journey, the temptation to explore is practically inescapable.

The Most Popular of Macau Casinos

Transitioning to the operational panorama, Macau is dominated by six paramount casino magnates:

  • Sands China
  • Galaxy Entertainment Group
  • SJM Holdings
  • MGM China Holdings
  • Melco Crown Entertainment
  • and Wynn Palace

For those with a penchant for grandeur and audacity in their gambling escapades, Macau offers a plethora of venues, including casino bonuses, promotions, etc. It’s essential to be on the lookout to get codes, as they’ll help to enhance your gaming experience.

The Wynn Palace

Inaugurated in August 2016 with a staggering investment of US$4.1 billion, this venue stands as a testament to Wynn Resorts’ prowess, with its precursor, Wynn Macau, having emerged in 2006. The exterior boasts an eight-acre artificial lake, providing guests with mesmerizing, choreographed aquatic displays that dazzle until midnight. Inside, one encounters a realm of around 350 gaming platforms, including a select array for VIPs, complemented by over 1,000 diverse electronic games. 

Marrying luxury and utility, the establishment offers 1,706 opulent accommodations and the city’s premier spa—spanning 48,000 square feet of rejuvenation. Solidifying its eminent position, 2019 saw the integration of a cutting-edge light rail system. It positioned Wynn Palace as a pivotal gateway on this transit nexus, with a unique gondola journey across the lake for its distinguished guests.

MGM Cotai

Apart from its kin, MGM Macau, MGM Cotai emerges as a gambling edifice and a sanctuary for the art enthusiast. Its façade, reminiscent of a meticulously crafted gem receptacle, heralds the artistic voyage within. The establishment beckons you to a realm where over 300 masterpieces coalesce seamlessly with architectural wonder. 

Delving into its gaming paradigm, one encounters a boutique ambience encompassing 170 tables, a select segment that caters to the crème de la crème. For those with a penchant for baccarat, the exclusive high-stakes alcove beckons. Alternatively, the siren call of 1,500 slot machines may entice. A pièce de résistance, MGM Cotai’s gargantuan indoor LED tableau spans an expanse rivalling three tennis courts, epitomizing the venue’s commitment to grandeur and spectacle.

Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa, inaugurated on February 11, 2007, punctuates Macau’s skyline as its loftiest edifice, bestowing a unique architectural signature upon the city. Unlike its contemporaries, this establishment blazed a trail by pioneering Texas hold ’em poker ring games and craps in the region, a distinction that, while once exclusive, has now been embraced by various other casinos in Macau.

Designed with an unyielding focus on gambling, one shouldn’t anticipate the eclectic entertainment array or attractions characteristic of other locales. However, in a nod to culinary excellence, it houses some of Macau’s crème de la crème in fine dining. Boasting a collection of over 230 gaming tables, 880 slot machines, and a poker room celebrated as the epicenter for Asia’s most renowned poker tournaments, the Grand Lisboa stands apart. Furthermore, its rewards system is frequently lauded as unparalleled within the Macau gaming circuit.

Morpheus Casino

Emerging as the avant-garde entrant on the strip, the Morpheus casino, with its staggering US$1.1 billion investment, draws its vocabulary from Morpheus, the Greek deity presiding over dreams. With aspirations of engraving its identity as an indelible Macanese icon, its architectural prowess stands unmatched. Astoundingly devoid of traditional support structures like walls or columns, this edifice claims to be the maiden tower enveloped and upheld by a curved, free-form exoskeleton. 

The architectural prodigy of the esteemed Zaha Hadid Architects saw its grand doors swing open in June 2018. At present, the gaming enthusiast can revel in 40 tables, though this number is poised to burgeon in the coming year. The expanse encompasses 772 opulent rooms, suites, and villas, a sanctuary of a spa, culinary masterpieces helmed by luminaries like Alain Ducasse, and an awe-inspiring sky pool perched a dizzying 426 feet above terra firma.

Sands Macao

Nestled in the city’s heart, Sands Macao emerges as a veritable haven for gaming connoisseurs, complemented exquisitely by its culinary offerings, acclaimed widely, and plentiful amenities. Those with a penchant for stakes of the loftier kind might find the Sands Rewards Club intriguing; membership promises tantalizing perks, ranging from luxurious suite accommodations to complimentary gastronomic delights, libations, and a generous line of casino credit. The Megabucks slot stands out among the diverse gaming opportunities, teasing the prospect of a staggering $50m bounty. 

Additionally, guests may find themselves drawn to games with distinct resonance, like 50 Dragons Legends, Crystal, Ju Bao Pen, and the iconic Duo Fu Duo Cai. A suite of video terminals beckons for the poker enthusiast, each offering unique variation. Spanning a colossal 248,000 square feet, the casino’s expanse is accentuated by soaring 20-metre ceilings, housing an eclectic mix of over 200 tables and a veritable treasure trove of 1,000+ slot machines, harmoniously blending Asian finesse with European gaming traditions.

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