$10 Off An Uber Ride On Super Bowl Sunday

Tostitos apparently has created the “Party Safe” bag – a bag of Tostitos chips featuring an alcohol sensor that acts as a reminder for people to not drink and drive after the party so everyone gets home safely. If you do drink, then you can get a $10 Tostitos Uber discount.

Tostitos Uber discount

Tostitos has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to offer party-goers $10 off an Uber ride on Sunday, February 5 by using the barcode on the back of nearly every bag of Tostitos chips. The offer applies to both new and existing customers of Uber, but will be limited to the first 25,000 users who enter the code.

Offer is available in the continental U.S. and Hawaii while supplies and quantities last

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