TGIF Discount, Get Up to $25 In Free Food

TGIF discount

TGIF, Get Up to $25 In Free Food

Check this page for a promotion code that can get you $25 off $25 at participating TGIF locations. Code works for online ordering only. You can try multiple times, with different emails until you get a good code. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the “.” and “+” tricks to easily generate multiple emails.

You might get nothing, $5, $15, or hopefully $25 off $25. Codes can be used on any account, and not necessarily for the email that received it.


  • One Hundred Ninety-Nine Thousand, Five Hundred and Sixty-Nine (199,569) $5 Friday’s Coupon Code Prizes are available.
  • Nineteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty-Five (19,945) $15 Friday’s Coupon Code Prizes are available.
  • Five Hundred (500) $25 Friday’s Coupon Code Prizes are available

TGIF Discount Codes

Here are some TGIF discount codes than you can use:

  • $15 Off $25 codes:
    • FKO3FME10
    • FCOTUR2D2
    • FGP4EY1FC
    • FIK45HB24
    • FPSEO96FA
    • F631B979B
    • F5D09CC79
    • F2PE5UD61
    • FF8ZM56CA 
    • F8ZQQKF52 
    • FCGKPH1C1 
    • F5DGFBB7A 
    • FN5SQXFD8
    • FI2J2Z806
    • FBTW21C3E
    • FVN5E446D
    • FKQ31631F
    • F97R4I042
    • FGVM79971
    • FAQ6KCF6D
    • FHX2NBD88
    • FYUOB17D3
    • FJQ88C692
    • F2T4AM995
    • FS33BH055
    • F12HM437A
    • FE1SXPD1B
    • FXFB5W257
    • FCHXTN572
    • F19BDDG5G
    • FK8HSU7B5
    • FJT4Y6859
    • F09NKPCDB
    • F0RXPE07E
  • $5 Off $25 codes:
    • FJ3BQCF7E
    • FIOBTC436

If a code doesn’t work, it means that someone else has used it already, or maybe you don’t have $25 worth of food in your cart. 

Offer Terms

Promotion takes place from 12:00:01 a.m. ET on 07/23/22 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 08/07/22. Open only to legal U.S. residents residing in the 50 U.S. states/D.C.. Must be 18+ with a valid email address. For more information go to 

Guru’s Wrap-up

After 7-8 tries I only got $15 off $25 a couple of times. Getting a $25 code will be difficult since there are only 500 of them in total, compared to 19,945 $15 codes.

If you have any TGIF discount codes that you don’t plan to use, please share them in the comments to help other readers.

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