Construction of a $9.5 Billion New Terminal One at JFK Airport Will Begin This Summer

New Terminal One at JFK Airport, Construction Begins This Summer

NY Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that construction of a $9.5 billion, world-class New Terminal One at JFK International Airport will move forward this summer.

In December, the Governor announced that the Port Authority’s Board of Commissioners approved an agreement with the New Terminal One consortium to build a terminal that will anchor the south side of JFK Airport. Last week, the Port Authority’s Board voted to approve a new lead investor in the project. Ferrovial, a global airport operator with experience building world-class terminals, will acquire 96% of The Carlyle Global Infrastructure Fund’s 51-percent stake in the New Terminal One, the consortium that was selected to design, build and operate the terminal.

The announcement that the New Terminal One will begin construction this summer comes just 10 days after Governor Hochul, The Port Authority and Delta Air Lines celebrated the opening of a new Terminal C at LaGuardia Airport, marking the substantial completion of the complete overhaul of LaGuardia.

JFK’s New Terminal One will be built on sites now occupied by Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the former Terminal 3, where it will anchor JFK’s south side. At 2.4 million square feet, the new terminal will be the largest terminal at JFK when complete, nearly the same size as the new LaGuardia Airport’s two new terminals combined. Construction of the new terminal will take place in phases. The first phase, including the new arrivals and departures hall and first set of new gates, is expected to open in 2026.

After completion of all three phases in 2030, the New Terminal One will have 23 gates as well as bright and airy check-in halls and arrival spaces designed to enhance the customer experience and compete with some of the highest-rated airport terminals in the world. Customers will enjoy world-class, New York-inspired dining and retail amenities, as well as space for lounges, an indoor green space and family-friendly amenities. 

The New Terminal One builds on the momentum of the other three major components of the airport’s transformation. The $3.9 billion development of a state-of-the-art new Terminal 6, to be built by JFK Millennium Partners, on the airport’s north side that will seamlessly connect with JetBlue’s existing Terminal 5 and was approved by the Port Authority Board of Commissioners in August, and is expected to begin construction by the end of this year. The $1.5 billion expansion of Terminal 4, led by Delta and JFK International Air Terminal, was approved in the spring and is now under construction. Additionally, work began in December 2019 on the $425 million expansion of JFK’s Terminal 8, led by American Airlines, which operates the terminal, and British Airways, which will be relocating to Terminal 8 from Terminal 7, set to be demolished to make way for the new Terminal 6.

Combined, the projects represent an $18 billion transformation of JFK International and an extraordinary public-private partnership. The Port Authority capital investment of $2.9 billion is leveraging private investment at a rate of more than five to one when taking into account the full private investment of more than $15 billion that has been committed to the four projects comprising the full JFK redevelopment program.   

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