Claim Free 1,000 Samsung Rewards Points (YMMV)

From 6/29/20 Р7/31/20, if you are invited to participate, you can claim 1,000 Samsung Rewards Points. By accepting this offer you will be opted in to receive marketing emails from to their Samsung Account email address. 

Samsung Rewards, Free $5 in Points

Samsung Rewards, Free $5 in Points Check your Samsung Rewards page for 1,000 in free points, which are worth $5. The offer is valid from 3/11 to 4/17/20. Just click on the banner and log in to claim your points. Limit of 1 claim per account.

Free Samsung Rewards Points, Check Your Emails

Samsung is sending out emails to some of its customers with an offer for free¬†Samsung Rewards Points. The offers vary, and the email will have a unique code and link where you can claim your free points. Email is titled “NAME, this gift is our way of saying thank you”. Offer Terms Samsung Rewards Points…