Swagbucks, Try Dollar Shave Club & Make $5

Swagbucks will give you S600 SB if you try Dollar Shave Club for one month. That’s worth $6 but you’ll have to pay $1 for the the first month at Dollar Shave Club and you get free shipping.

If you stay subscribed past 2 months you can get an additional 600 SB, but I believe that just cancels out the minimum price and shipping for those two extra months. Still a nice offer if you like the service.

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Keep in mind that Swagbucks members will only be awarded (1) one time per user for the offer that is completed. Members will not be eligible to receive SB on this offer if a previous Dollar Shave Club offer was completed via Swagbucks, and there’s been some more lucrative ones in the past. You also forfeit any future Dollar Shave Club offers on Swagbucks once this offer has been completed.

Must use email address that is associated with your Swagbucks account to earn SB. Initial 600 SB will appear as Pending for 3 days. After month 1 normal rates apply. Must stay subscribed past 2 months for additional 600 SB to award. Please allow at least 75 days for additional 600 SB to award. SB may be revoked for invalid or canceled orders. S

If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral link.

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