Lonely Planet Names Top 10 Summer Destinations in Europe for 2019

Overtourism is a real issue in many countries and more specifically in famous destinations that see huge crowds year after year. So Lonely Planet is trying to steer travelers off the beaten track and to lesser known cities in Europe, with its top 10 list of summer destinations for 2019. While there’s still some well known cities in the list, there’s a few in there that might not be on many people’s minds.

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The top spot goes to the High Tatras mountains in northern Slovakia, on the border with Poland. Highlights include the highest peak in the country, the 2,655-meter Gerlach, as well as the Štrbské Pleso glacial lake and incredible wildlife watching. The tiny country of Lichtenstein also made the list. It can be hiked around in a weekend. For those looking for beach time, the list includes Croatia’s northern Istria region and the Italian port of Bari. So let’s take a look at the full list.

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Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Europe Destinations

  1. Summer Destinations in Europe

    High Tatras, Slovakia

  2. Summer Destinations in Europe

    Madrid, Spain

  3. Arctic Coast Way, Iceland (Image by Daniel Bosma / Getty Images)

  4. Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Image by © Anna Gorin / Getty Images)

  5. Bari, Italy

  6. Shetland, Scotland (Image by © Peter Burnett / Getty Images)

  7. Lyon, France

  8. Liechtenstein

  9. Vevey, Switzerland

  10. Istria, Croatia

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