Stockpile Now Offers Completely Fee-Free Trading and Account Funding

Stockpile Free Trading

Stockpile Now Offers Completely Fee-Free Trading and Account Funding

Stockpile has become the first trading app to remove all trading fees, including SEC and TAF fees, for users. While many competitors offer commission-free trading, Stockpile is removing an additional layer. Effective immediately, Stockpile users can take advantage of Stockpile’s zero trading fee model. Additionally, users will no longer be charged any fees related to account funding or purchases of gift cards for stock. That includes credit cards as well.

“Stockpile is the first trading app to eliminate even more barriers impeding users from entering the stock market,” said Stockpile, Inc. CEO Victor Wang. “Starting is everything and by eliminating fees, Stockpile’s investors have the opportunity to invest without impediments. Your $10 investment is $10 in the stock of your choice and your $10 gift card purchase is converted into $10 in the stock of the recipient’s choice.”

By eliminating fees related to funding, trading and gifting stock, Stockpile says it is assisting all users in maximizing their investment dollars.

“We believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to invest in the stock market and Stockpile is making it easier for individuals to get started,” said Wang. “Stockpile users are different. Our customers don’t look like other investors and we want to remove as many hurdles as possible so everyone can experience the advantages of investment.”

The credit card funding fee especially is interesting, since Stockpile has to cover those fees every time a customers funds the account.

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  1. I tried to purchase a gift card with a Mastercard debit gift card bought from grocery store, it did not fly. Otherwise this would be ideal for active investors.

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