Change Any Southwest Flight Without Paying Fee or Price Difference

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Change Any Southwest Flight Without Paying Fee or Price Difference

11/6/2020 Update: This is available again. Eligible dates are likely Dec. 5 through Mar. 8, but could try a few more days earlier and later as well. (HT: DoC)

Southwest is one of the most generous airlines when it comes to changes and cancellations. But now they are once again offering a great opportunity for those looking to change flights.

Southwest once again is letting travelers change flights for free, up to 14 days before, or after the flight date. What makes this incredibly generous is that they are also waiving not just the fee, but also the fare price difference. This applies to both paid and award flights. This was started back when Southwest was letting customers to make changes to 737 MAX8 flights, but has been coming back occasionally every few weeks or months.

So let’s say that you have booked a flight and paid $70. If you change it to a different flight that costs $100, you will not have to pay any fees or the price difference of $30. You can do unlimited changes and you’ll be able to change again and again to another flight that’s up to 14 days before, or after the new flight date, not the original flight you have booked.

Southwest Airlines is definitely going above and beyond with this generous policy, and it is surprising that it is still being offered at times. We have seen this opportunity several times during the pandemic, so take a look at your bookings and see if there’s any changes you might need to make.

Southwest Airlines currently has a sale with flights starting from just $39 one way. It is also worth noting that starting from December 1st, the airline will no longer block middle seats.

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