Sinemia Targets MoviePass Customers with New Cheap Plan

MoviePass is the leader in the movie ticket subscription business. But they’re also almost out of business, so this is the perfect time for competitors to try and thejava and them and steal away their customers.

Sinemia is doing just that by announcing a new plan priced at $9.99 per month, about the same as the one just introduced by MoviePass.

The $9.95 MoviePass plan is limiting subscribers to three movies per month (with discounts on additional tickets). The Sinemia plan also includes only three movies but has the additional benefit of allowing subscribers to buy tickets for any 2D, non-IMAX screen, and to buy those tickets in advance.

MoviePass is rotating the available movies each day, and it requires subscribers to buy their tickets at the theater, on the same day as the screening. That makes that plan more limited.

Sinemia also has other subscription options such as $3.99 per month for one ticket, to $14.99 for three tickets, with IMAX and 3D access.

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