Free Whoppers for Bronx Residents (NYC)

The Bronx has seen an increased number of tourists recently. The “Joker” stairs have become a main attraction after the movie came out last year. The 132-step staircase rises up from Shakespeare and Jerome Avenues. It has become a nuisance to longtime residents who use the stairway daily. Now Burger King if offering free Whoppers to Bronx locals who have become fed up with tourists flocking to the staircase.

You can have your Whoppers delivered via the Uber Eats app and use code “KINGSTAIRS” at checkout. The offer is valid until January 12, 2020. There’s a limit of one free Whopper per order, per customer. It is not completely free. It can only used with Ubear Eats Delivery and orders under $10 have a $2 fee.

Check out the ad below.

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