Round Trip Business Class to Europe from $248 (Cancellation Emails Sent Out)

Business Class to Europe
Madrid, Spain

Round Trip Business Class to Europe from $248

Update (Mar. 5, 2021) – Many people are reporting receiving cancellation emails today from TAP Portugal. There are lots of data points on FlyerTalk. Hopefully some of you get lucky and get to keep your chap fares. Let me know in the comments if you booked anything, and if you have received a cancellation email.

Update (Mar. 4, 2021) –¬†Looks like these low prices are no longer available.

Original article (Mar. 4, 2021) – If you’re looking to travel this summer or fall to Europe, then now is a great time to book and travel in style. TAP Portugal had some great prices starting from $248 round trip. And that’s for business class.

The best prices are from the East Coast, from cities such as NYC, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC and more. You can visit popular destinations such at Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Dublin, and probably more cities. From San Francisco you can also find fares from $255 round trip.

You can check Google Flights, Skyscanner, Priceline, or other online travel agencies to find the best prices and dates that work for you. You can even book directly on TAP Portugal’s website. But Priceline could be the better option due to the more favorable cancellation policy. In Google Flights you can just enter Europe as your destination if you don’t have a specific city in mind. That way you can see which destinations have the best prices and make a decision on what to book.

Also take a look at Business class fares from other cities, which are still a steal at $400 to $500. Let me know if you’re able to book anything.

I’m writing this post from my cell phone, so I have not included much information about routes. But there seems to be availability from May 2021 through January 2022. The lowest prices are showing up for travel in August and September.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is an insane sale and might even be an unintentional sale, which could mean cancellations. So I would suggest to wait and make sure these fares stick before booking anything else related to these flights. And then there’s the uncertainty of travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. But hopefully by late summer, things will slowly get back to normal.

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New York City to Amsterdam $251 RT

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