Ritual App, Get $20 Off Your Food Orders

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Ritual App, Get $20 Signup Bonus

Ritual is a Toronto-based app that allows you to place meal orders at nearby restaurants and pick them up without having to wait in line. It a great option if you want to order lunch at work, or even if you want to get a quick meal wherever you are. The app is well designed and easy to use. 

When you click on a restaurant, you’re provided with a full menu. It usually includes pictures, prices, and ingredient lists. For each order that you place, you also earn points. 10,000 points will get you $10 off your next Ritual order. You can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or any credit card. The app is available in major cities in the United States and Canada.

Now you can sign up and get $20 off your orders. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the Ritual App (my referral, or use code DANNY29683)
  2. New users get $20 Free Credit with a referral. That’s $5 off the first four orders.
  3. Find your favorite restaurants and place an order.
  4. The app will show you how long it takes for your order to be ready, and send you a notification when you should start walking there.

Guru’s Wrap-up

Ritual is similar to other food delivery apps, but it only offers a pickup option. That’s not always convenient, but it can be a cheaper option. Plus Ritual says that it charges less fees than other apps.

Sometimes Ritual offers a popular promotion for $1 lunches from participating restaurants. I haven’t seen that promotion since before the pandemic, but hopefully it makes a comeback.

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