Reload $100 To Amazon Balance, Get $5 Bonus

Load $100 to you Amazon gift card balance and get $5 bonus. This is a targeted offer and will work for some and not others. Not sure what triggers that offer but doesn’t hurt to check it out if you do shop at Amazon often.


  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Click here (my referral link) to check if you were targeted
  3. If you qualify then proceed to load at least $100 to your gift card balance
  4. You will receive a $5 promotional balance that can be used towards any purchase on items shipped and sold by Amazon

It didn’t work for me but maybe you have better luck. Your $5 bonus credit will be applied shortly after you reload your account. It will come separately as its own deposit, not part of the $100 reload. You’ll get an email from Amazon notifying you of the bonus credit.

Make sure you use a card that will give you points/miles/cash back on Amazon purchases. The best card to use would probably be the Discover It card that has Amazon as a 5% bonus category till September. If you still have the double cash back promo, then it will be doubled to 10%. So in total you get a 15% discount on your $100 Amazon gift card purchase.

HT: fatwallet

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