(Expired) Regions Bank, $200 Bonus For Existing Customers (Expires 7/24, Possibly Targeted)

In January of this year, I posted about a $400 bonus from Regions Bank for new checking accounts. That offer has already expired. But Regions Bank has another offer that will expire in a few days, that can earn existing customers a $200 bonus.

Promotion Page.

regions bank bonus 200

Offer Requirements

Taking the next step in growing your balances is important to your future, and we are here to help. That’s why we created this offer for our most valued customers:

  1. Add $25,000 or more of new deposits to your checking, savings and/or money market accounts by 7/24/17. No savings account? Open one today!
  2. How it works: The total balance of your eligible accounts must be at least $25,000 higher than it was 5/24/17.
  3. Get a $200 bonus by 8/23/17, deposited into your checking account.

The increase in your deposit balances is calculated by subtracting the posted deposit balances as of 5/24/2017 from the posted deposit balances as of 7/24/2017, on eligible accounts.

If earned, the bonus will be issued by 8/23/2017, and will be in the form of a credit to your checking account that was referenced in the letter and/or email that you received about this offer.

At the time the credit is issued, your checking account must be open and in good standing. You are responsible for any tax due on any amount received under this offer. Regions may report this bonus as income if required by applicable law.


$200 bonus offer is available only to the named recipients of a prior email or letter containing this offer., is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other offer. Only one offer is available per addressee.

Eligible deposit balances for the purpose of this bonus include only the following deposit accounts: checking, savings and money market, where the customer is the first or second listed owner (authorized agents or persons in a fiduciary capacity are not eligible). Deposit balances do not include fiduciary, Private Wealth Management, NOW, business or commercial accounts.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a nice offer if you already have an account at Regions Bank. Seems like you need to deposit $25K in total to a Regions account, but you don’t need to hold the money in there in order to receive the $200 bonus. You just need to have $25K more in posted deposit balances as of 7/24/2017.

You might want to check with a customer service representative before doing this, because the language of the offer suggests that it is targeted. And you don’t have much time to complete this, it expires on 7/24.

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