Priority Pass Adds Discount Offers for Purchases at Airports

Priority Pass is a program that makes flying more enjoyable with access to lounges and restaurants at airport. The have over a 1,000 locations throughout the world, so having a membership is a good way to relax while waiting for your flight. There’s a few premium credit cards that offer it for free. Now, Priority Pass is adding another perk for flyers. You can save money on airport purchases through offers for select stores or services.

To find these Priority Pass spending offers, you’ll need to log into your Priority Pass account either on the website or mobile app. Then, search for an airport and select a terminal if applicable. You should see a list of offers that are available at that airport. You select an offer and generate a unique code that you need to at the point of purchase. Here’s the offers I saw for Terminal 7 at JFK airport in NYC.

Priority Pass spending offers

Guru’s Wrap-Up

These Priority Pass spending offers that will make you run to the airport and make a purchase, but if you were planning on buying anything, then the discount comes in handy. Check your airports and let me know id you see anything worth using.

Priority Pass conitnues to improve the value of its membership and these offers are just the latest addition. Earlier today I also wrote about the new lounge that you can now access at the Detroit airport.


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