PPDG Cancels Orders For Super Cheap Best Buy Gift Cards

Earlier today PayPal Digital Gifts has a great offer on Best Buy gift cards that reader escot emailed me about. I wasn’t around a computer, so I wasn’t able to post it. It was meant to be this offer, but they put a price of $100 instead.

The deal was way too good to be true, even is this was 2015. As expected, PPDG canceled the orders, saying “We’re sorry to let you know that paypal_digital_gifts canceled your order and mentioned the reason as “I’m out of stock or the item is damaged”.

One thought on “PPDG Cancels Orders For Super Cheap Best Buy Gift Cards

  1. Intriguing….. yet still puzzling. If indeed they cancelled all 2,000+ card sales, l now am “glad” I didn’t have the nerve/speed to bite on the first errant deal offer. I’m not sure if it was “too good to be true” — as folks could read it as quite similar to the recent (Feb 18) deal (which I saw dubbed elsewhere as “standard deal”) with bestbuy (a $15 savings code free when you buy a $150 Best Buy e-gift card.)

    Today’s confusing first listing could have been reasonably read as similar to the Feb 18th deal — as in a 10% — $100 plus a $10 expiring certificate In any case, they sold over a thousand in the few minutes after it appeared elsewhere. (via doc — I was watching it fly)

    The latter (corrected) deal has been a rather predictable dud — having only sold only 151 cards all evening.

    Seems ppdg and/or best buy needs an informed copy editor. (have a separate rant about my wife’s bizarre experience with the card-cash and the best buy deal — in both cases, I really hate it when these companies lie flagrantly about just why they cancelled and/or reversed your orders….. nothing “great” about it.)

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