Plenti Will Lose More Partners In 2018: Nationwide, Alamo, Hulu And More

The Plenti Rewards program continues to lose partners and seems like it won’t survive for long. Earlier this month they lost AT&T and more partners are quitting starting in 2018.

Plenti rewards program

After December 31, 2017, these partners will no longer be a part of the Plenti program:

  • Nationwide
  • Enterprise,
  • Alamo
  • National
  • Direct Energy
  • Hulu
  • Local Dining

If you have a big stash of Plenti points I would start using them up as soon as possible. Plenti points can be used on eligible purchases at participating Exxon and Mobil gas stations, Rite Aid stores, participating Chili’s restaurants, Macy’s department stores and BI-LO, Winn-Dixie and Harveys supermarkets.

4 thoughts on “Plenti Will Lose More Partners In 2018: Nationwide, Alamo, Hulu And More

  1. Thank god you can still use the points at exxon. About a year ago amex had promo where they 1.5 plenty points for every amex point. I ended up transferring 55000 points and using them all on gas.This is the worst regards program. you earn 1 measly point for gallon of gas. I will be happy when amex kills this of and offers a real rewards progrma

  2. funny thing, I finally tried plenti program last week — but what a nightmare of wasted time getting it to work. Signed up for plenti on-line…. Then, while traveling, went far too out of my way to find a Rite Aid — to pick up a few (miserly limits) of the discounted (plenti pointed) gc’s…. But there’s where the time-suck began. Hadn’t realized I needed to link the plenti account to the Rite Aid account… (on line, but of course) Tried calling Plenti (three times actually, and in the end, had plenti reps on the phone arguing with the rite aid cashier…. with no resolution) No net nearby, so tried again about 250 miles down the road — and linked along the way. “Success” (gasp) at last. Then next day, figured I’d use up the $20 in hard “earned” points on Exxon….. but nope, the first two (participating) exxon stations I stopped at had ancient, extremely hard to read pumps….. and (even after multiple calls to plenti again) couldn’t get the points to apply at either…. Third try was the bitter/hillarious charm. Back in Virginia now, where my gas is free (courtesy Martin’s/Giant/Kroger) …. So NOT impressed by this plenti-waste-your time program. If it folds soon, it will be good riddance and well deserved death.

    • It sounded promising when it was first launched. But never had to many partners or redeeming options and many are now leaving. There’s still some use for points, but very limited. I have a couple of Rite Aids and exxon gas stations nearby, so I can make use of the points when I don’t have Stop&Shop fuel points.

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