PayPal Extras Mastercard, Get 1K Bonus Points With 2 Purchases (Targeted)

PayPal has sent out an offer to some user by email, titles “Sunshine. Shopping. Bonus Rewards Points. Ahhhh spring.”.┬áThe offer is as follows:

Earn 1,000 bonus Rewards Points when you make 2 ore more purchases with your PayPal Extras Mastercard (excluding purchases made on eBay or through your PayPal account), now through April 15th, 2017.


Key Terms

  • Targeted offer
  • Maximum of 1,000 bonus Rewards Points
  • Activation required by April 15th, 2017

Guru’s Wrap-Up

PayPal is obviously trying to get people to use its credit cards out in the real world, and not only on PayPal and eBay purchases. If you’re targeted, then it’s worth making two small purchases.

Reward Points are usually worth 0.83 cents each, but you can use them at 1 cent each right now if you take advantage of this gift card offer. This offer will expire at the end of the month and most likely you won’t have this bonus by then.

HT: Mimi by email

9 thoughts on “PayPal Extras Mastercard, Get 1K Bonus Points With 2 Purchases (Targeted)

    • They are sending targeted offers now. Try to use your card more often and see if you get their offers soon. I’m glad with this development that Synchrony is trying to entice customers to use their credit cards.

      By the way, I redeemed my GCs last Tuesday and received them all today in a sealed envelope. Shipping was free but it came with a warning that envelopes were not traceable and they gave another option with tracking for a $16.xx fee! That was too much, I decided to take the risk and am glad I got the GCs quickly.

      • I agree. I am loving these offers from synchrony. So from all the bonus offers i should be getting nearly 4000 points which means 40$ in gift cards. And i shop a lot in walmart & amazon. I also enjoy old navy rewards from synchrony ,they seem to just love giving rewards. I got the card in jan and spent not more than 200 overall in different categories and already got 75$ rewards!.

      • They have a good gift card selection. I’m just jealous that I’m not getting any of these offers.

        Thanks for the tips. I’ll put a few charges.

  1. @Deepkc, yes, the chat feature is available for my PPExtrasMC during weekdays but I just take whatever they say with a grain of salt. The only information that I got from them correctly is the posting of bonus points on the 3rd statement. For other issues I presented to them, the replies I got were unreliable.

  2. i got ebay extras Mastercard offer of 2500 bonus points for spending 300$ before april 15th. also last month i got an offer for ebay extras mc , 1000 bonus points for 3 or more purchases before feb 28th. yesterday my second statement cut and still no bonus reward points . Called their customer service and no one has a clue.

    • IME, the bonus points are posted in the third statement where the first statement posts the qualified charge(s). I also had to remind them via chat of my bonus points they owed me in January and it posted this month. I also observed that most, if not all customer reps, are clueless about their promotions so I just wait for the program to do its thing and most often, they gave me more points than I expected.

      • Thank you so mich for the reply. I do have chat feature on ebay extras master cafd online ccount but its always Not available for some reason . Do you have paypal extras mc chat option available during weekdays ?

  3. I’m going to make two (small) purchases using WM SCO and see if it posts by June. The 5x pts offer in January posted in March although I had to remind them about it via chat. Hopefully, they keep the featured rewards at discounted rate 1 cent per point making it competitive with other CC rewards.

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