Targeted Office Supplies Amex Offer: Save 35%, up to $40 (Stack with Staples Offer, up to 60% off)

Office Supplies Amex Offer

Office Supplies Amex Offer: Save 35%, up to $40

Check your American Express business credit cards for a great new Amex Offer that can save you 35% on office supplies. If you also have the $25 off $100 Staples offer on the same card, you can stack them together. You can get $60 off a $100 purchase at Staples.


Get 35% back as a statement credit by using your enrolled Amex business card to make purchases at select US office supply stores by 12/31/19. Limit of $40 in total statement credits.

Offer Terms

  • Only U.S.-issued American Express® Business Cards are eligible.
  • Offer valid for in-store and online purchases at US office supply stores.
  • “Office supply stores” are in the business of selling a range of office supplies including items like paper, notebooks, office equipment (e.g. fax machines and printers) and office furniture (e.g. desks, desk chairs, and filing cabinets). Excludes supplies purchased at other retail stores.
  • Pharmacies, supermarkets, warehouse clubs and superstores are not considered office supply stores.

Guru’s Wrap-up

A great offer that saves you 35% on purchases at stores like Staples and Office Depot. You’re limited to $40 in total statement credits, so you can maximize it with a $114 purchase.

But you can do even better if you have this Staples Amex Offer on the same card. If you charge $100 at Staples, you get $25 back through the Staples offer and another $35 back through the office supplies offer. Pretty sweet.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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