[OOS] Newegg, Buy $50 Nike Gift Card Get Free $10 Card (Limit 2)

Newegg again has a promotion on Nike gift cards. You will get a free $10 card when you purchase a $50 Nike Gift Card. That’s a discount of 16.7%. Just a heads up, the $10 card is not showing on cart, so you might need to chat with customer service in order to get it.

Nike Gift Card

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Use a shopping portal such as Chase UR to get at least 2% back, plus you should earn at least 2% back in credit card points. You can sell Nike Gift Cards for as much as 85%, which should give you a very small profit, since there’s a limit of 2 per account.

6 thoughts on “[OOS] Newegg, Buy $50 Nike Gift Card Get Free $10 Card (Limit 2)

    • That was quick 😞 but hey I just added desktop notifications to website on lower right corner so you don’t miss it next time 💰
      Thanks for heads up. I’ll update.

      • “you da man” Danny….. 🙂 Just added your desktop notification feature. (I’ve never ever done that before with any site, but hey, you caught several deals today that none of the other sites I follow caught in as timely a manner) Seem to recall that the newegg deals often also go out of stock — only (sometimes) to get reloaded….

    • Last time around it didn’t show up either. Chatted with customer service and they emailed $10 card. I’ll add that to post though to make it clear, since this is extra work for two Nike gift cards.

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