Southwest’s Cancellation Vouchers, New BofA Card, PIT New $1.4 Billion Terminal & More

news roundup

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News Roundup

This is a roundup of news and other interesting pieces that I’ve come across over the last few days. Read about cancellation vouchers from Southwest, Ryanair banning Covid refund passengers from new flights, new Bank of America premium card, The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner Hotel review, and Pittsburgh International Airport’s new $1.4 Billion tech-forward terminal.

Southwest is (quietly) doling out ‘we’re sorry’ vouchers

Southwest has been quietly doling out vouchers in varying amounts to passengers it stranded last weekend when it canceled as many as 30% of its flights.

The LUV vouchers – Southwest’s stock ticker symbol is LUV and it’s based at Love Field in Texas – are a goodwill gesture. They are in addition to the refunds or flight credits airlines are required to pay when they cancel flights and passengers reject the airline’s rebooking options or none is available.

Ryanair bans Covid refund passengers from boarding new flights

Ryanair has been accused of barring passengers who pursued chargebacks against the airline during the pandemic from taking new flights this year – unless they return their refunds.

An investigation by MoneySavingExpert (MSE) has found that holidaymakers who sought refunds from their credit card provider have faced last-minute demands of up to £600 if they want to board a Ryanair plane.

[Rumor] Bank of America To Launch New Credit Card ‘Platinum Rewards Elite’

Bank of America plans to launch a new credit card called ‘Platinum Rewards Elite’ in November. The card itself will be ‘lifestyle focused’ and unclear if it will be available to all customers or only higher tiered members.

The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner Hotel Review: Stellar Use Of Amex FHR Credit

If you are looking to spend that Amex Platinum $200 credit for FHR bookings, this could be a great option. Check out the review.

Pittsburgh International Airport Breaks Ground on $1.4 Billion New Tech-Forward Terminal

Pittsburgh’s airport of the future is officially under way. Officials broke ground on a new 700,000 square-foot terminal project, marking Pittsburgh International Airport as the first terminal in the country to be built from the ground up in a post-pandemic world.

Built with a focus on public health and technology, the new facility will incorporate clean air technology, more space for social distancing and 90,000 square feet of outdoor terrace space –both pre- and post-security – to ensure access to fresh air, a rarity for U.S. airports.

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