News Roundup: Delta Sky Clubs, JetSmarter Cons Customers, Passengers Fly Sitting on Floor, Airport Waits Mount

This is a list of news from around the web which I came across in the last few days. I found these articles interesting and somewhat related to the travel and deal content you regularly see here at Danny the Deal Guru. If you come across any interesting articles, please send them my way.
News Roundup

Most Delta Sky Clubs No Longer Requiring Physical American Express Platinum Card To Enter

Delta Sky Clubs are no longer requiring American Express Platinum cardholders to have their Platinum card swiped to enter. Now the system will recognize you as being eligible to enter after scanning your boarding pass as long as your Platinum card has been added to your virtual wallet on Delta. Read more here.

MoviePass of the Skies? JetSmarter Guts Terms After People Pay Years In Advance

JetSmarter was supposed to shake up the travel industry, but it turns out that they have been cheating their customers and losing millions in the process. Now they’re being sued and facing security questions as well after some strange incidents. The company was touting a valuation of over $1 billion, but is now worth less than one-fifth that amount, based on its latest investment. Read more here.

Passengers Forced To Sit On Floor Of Plane Because Seats Had Been Removed

A British family was travelling on TUIfly home from the Spanish island of Menorca last summer. During the flight, as the crew needed the space in the galley to conduct meal and duty free services, the family was told to sit on the floor in the back row, in the space where their seats should have been. Read more here.

Airport waits mount as government shutdown drags on

Long security lines plagued travelers at several airports across the country Monday as the partial government shutdown, which has left over 800,000 workers without pay, dragged on into a 24th day. Read more here.

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