As More People Fly, We See More Fights, Disruptions and Just Terrible Behavior

As More People Fly, We See More Bad  Behavior at Airports and Planes

Travel is making a big comeback in recent weeks. And for two days last week, the number of people passing through TSA checkpoints even surpassed 2019’s numbers. Some 2.15 million people passed through security checkpoints on Thursday and 2.2 million on Friday, versus 2.09 million and 2.18 during the same days in 2019. The 2.2 passengers screened on Friday was the “highest throughout since the start of the pandemic,” according to TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein, who announced the record in a tweet

But will more people traveling, we are also seeing more and more stories of fights, delays and other air travel related incidents. One incidents came after a woman who is apparently already on a ‘no-fly list’, has been recorded lashing out at check-in staff and leaving a trail of destruction. The incident occurred at the Frontier check-in desk at Orlando International Airport on Friday and has since gone viral. It was first posted on a Reddit thread appropriately named ‘Airport Freakout’ by user u/bbowell77. “I need my ticket for tomorrow,” the woman tells someone on the phone before going behind the check-in desk and grabbing and throwing things around. “F*** outta here, b***h, f*** with me!” the woman screams as her child stands next to her and pleads for her to stop.

Dads friend sent him this from work. Evidently she was on the no fly list. This is just insane. I feel so bad for the kid’s though. from PublicFreakout

In another incidents at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday, a flight was delayed, first for mechanical problems and then because a group of people refused to wear masks. Passengers on American Airlines Flight 893 to Nassau, Bahamas were in a position to depart Monday when a group of high school students decided to stage a mask rebellion that lasted for hours. The flight was supposed to depart at 9:30 a.m, but a mechanical issue forced passengers to switch planes. And then a group of students from a Boston-area high school decided to start acting up, making matters worse. The flight got canceled as a result and passengers who were stranded were given a hotel voucher. The students who were between 17 and 18 years old,  spend the night at the airport since they were too young to get rooms on their own.

Things were even worse at Newark Airport in New Jersey, where a terminal was evacuated after ‘significant’ security breach. A woman allegedly bolted through a security checkpoint at Terminal C, and into the concourse before she was detained by law enforcement, according to the Transportation Security Administration. The incident occurred at around 10:20 a.m., according to the Port Authority, whose officers responded to the incident.

And last but not least, as more passengers return to the skies, expect to see more of those who don’t care about the rest of people on the same plane. A man has gone viral for his perfect response when an airplane passenger behind him used his armrest to relax their bare foot.


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