Microsoft Hiding Free $10 Gift Cards in Newsletter Emails

You should pay attention to those emails you get from Microsoft. Apparently they have been sneaking some holiday gifts into email newsletters recently, not telling anyone about it.

Microsoft emails 10 gift cards

Some people on Reddit noticed that if you click the red trees in a recent holiday promotional email from Microsoft, you’ll be sent to a separate site that provides a free $10 gift card. The software giant has even been hiding these gift cards in emails as far back as Black Friday, The Verge reports. In a previous set of emails you could click on a blue squirrel to receive a $10 discount.

Only a limited number of gift cards were available, as the promotion on existing emails has finished. But keep an eye out for more of these emails during the holiday season. A strange giveaway, but you never know, you could grab your own $10 gift card for free.

Did anyone get one of these?

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