Lyft Will Launch ‘Lyft Rewards’ in December

Ridesharing service Lyft has launched Lyft Rewards, a loyalty program for riders. The program will begin rolling out next month and will let riders earn points for each dollar spent. Points can be used for things such as upgrades to nicer cars or savings on future rides. It will roll out o select riders first. If you’re one of the lucky few chosen customers, you’ll receive an email or in-app notification to sign up.

lyft rewards

The company says the program will launch in December 2018 and be available to select riders in various cities to start. Once enrolled in the program, riders will be able to check their points progress in the app. The company says it’s considering how to offer other passenger perks, like access to more experienced drivers and double-points days, for example. It’s also listening to customer feedback to hear about other rewards people may want.

Lyft is hoping passengers will reevaluate their riding options with its new incentives program — and pick Lyft over Uber.

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