10% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards Plus Fuel Points at Kroger, Start 6/5

Kroger will have a Lowe’s deal online starting next week, offering a 10% discount.

lowe's discount


For every $250 worth of eGift Cards purchased, get 10% Off!

  • Offer valid from Jun 5, 2019 to Jun 11, 2019
  • Maximum discount allowed is subject to a maximum sum of $75 per customer

Guru’s Wrap-up

Pretty good deal that will not last long, so be ready on 6/5. The exact time is now known so I guess you just have to keep checking. While the discount is not profitable itself, you should come some ahead wiith at least 2% in credit card rewards and also earn fuel points.

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3 thoughts on “10% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards Plus Fuel Points at Kroger, Start 6/5

  1. Nice catch. Guessing this will have 2x fuel points too…?. (and possibly 4x if that returns betwixt now and the 11th …. got 4x on the last quiet IHOP deal)

    whew…. not expecting to pay much, if any cash for gas this summer. (between all the KR, Martin’s and now speedway 🙂 )

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