Japan Will Restore Visa-Free Travel on October 11

Japan Visa-Free Travel

Japan Will Restore Visa-Free Travel on October 11

Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference in New York today to discuss the border measures for the novel coronavirus. He announced a policy to start nationwide travel support measures and event business stimulus measures from October 11th.

On that same date, Japan will abolish several Covid-19 border restrictions, in a move that looks set to revive the tourism industry.

Japan will remove the limit on the number of people entering the country from October 11, as reported by NHK. Individual visitors will be allowed to enter, and Japan will reinstate visa waivers, Kishida said at the press conference. This essentially means that Japan will be back open for tourism for the first time in more than two years.

The announcement comes after months of restrictions on tourism that required travel as part of a group or sponsored by a travel agency. Daily arrivals have been capped at 50,000. Strict restrictions on travel have been in place since early 2020, but have started to loosen up in recent months.

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