Industry City – Brooklyn’s Latest Attraction with Restaurants, Games, Distilleries and Japan Village

Industry City, Brooklyn’s Latest Attraction

Industry City (IC), formerly a massive cargo and manufacturing site, is now one a new and exciting destinations in Brooklyn. It is comprised of 16 massive factory buildings, built on 35 acres of repurposed industrial space in the Sunset Park neighborhood. It’s also just steps from the Upper New York Bay waterfront.

Even during the pandemic, IC has continued to add tenants and is now 80% full. You can find small artisanal shop, tasty restaurants, brewery and distilleries, ice rink, and now a major hub for Japanese culture and cuisine. And soon you will be able to enjoy everything without needing to show proof of vaccination.

Japan Village, a food hall and supermarket full of Japanese goods and groceries, has expanded with an additional 20,000-square-foot second floor called The Loft. Here, visitors can step into a representation of Japan with cool shops with items straight from the country as well as other fun experiences like tea ceremonies and cultural classes. It will continue to add more events and experiences which you can find here.

But there’s much more than that. For restaurants for example, you can choose from burgers, Asian food at Ejen at Bangkok Bar (besides Japan Village), pizza at Table 87, sandwiches at Ends Meat and Berliner Doner Kebab or vegan ones at Renegades of Sunset, and more. For your sweet tooth there are plenty of more options such as Blue Marble Ice Cream, Colson Patisserie, Li-Lac Chocolates, One Girl Cookies etc.

And if you want to get your drink on, this is also a place for you. There’s the Big Alice brewery, Barrow’s Ginger Liquor, Brooklyn Kura, New York’s first sake brewery, Fort Hamilton Distillery and the Standard Wormwood Distillery.

And there’s even more if you just want to spend a few hours exploring the place or do sum fun activities. There’s a small ice rink, America’s first indoor hatchet-throwing venue, Stumpy’s, an outdoor concert stage for live music and events, a game room, fire pits with seating spread out across the alleys between the buildings, and other stores such as handmade jewelry, furniture and more.

If you plan to visit, you can get there by bus, subway or ferry. Bus B35 and B70 routes terminate near Industry City, while the B37 route stops along Third Avenue, close to the complex. The closest New York City Subway station to Industry City is at 36th Street and Fourth Avenue, served by the D​, ​N​, and ​R trains. The 45th Street subway station, served by the R train, is also nearby. The NYC Ferry has a stop nearby, about 15 blocks away.

Most of the places mentioned above are located in buildings 1 through 6, and in the areas between buildings 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.

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