You Have 10 More Days to Book IHG Hotels with Old Prices

At the beginning of the year IHG announces changes to categories for its hotels. I wrote about the changes for this year about a week ago. Those changes were supposed to go into effect on January 14, 2019 but it now looks like IHG has pushed back that date. The changes will now go into effect on 2019.

IHG category changes

Most changes are increases. There’s 570 properties are increasing in price and only 126 properties that are decreasing in price. Here’s a sortable spreadsheet that was posted on reddit.

As you might be aware of, last year free night certificates were capped at 40,000 points per night. So looking at that threshold, we find that 38 properties will no longer be eligible, as they went up a category. That includes some good InterContinentals that will no longer be possible to book with a free night. Just 1 hotel is newly available to book at 40K.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If you have yet to book, then this is good news as you have about 10 more days to do so, if the properties you’re looking at are supposed to go up in price.

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