Ibotta, Up to Extra $15 Cash Back for Existing Users

Ibotta, Up to Extra $15 Cash Back for Existing Users

Ibotta is offering a ‘Frosty Funs’ bonus up to $15 for current users. The offer was sent out by email today with subject “Your bonus has been taken!”. But it’s probably available for everyone.

To find this bonus, just search for “snowman” in the app, using the search bar located at the top of the home screen. Then just add it to your list to unlock and pick your bonus reward. You can choose between the following options:

  • $5 bonus for completing 17 offers
  • $7 bonus for completing 23 offers
  • $10 bonus for completing 33 offers
  • $15 bonus for completing 50 offers

Once the bonus has been both unlocked and picked, it’ll take a few hours to appear in the app. Make sure you’re subscribed to push notifications for an alert that your bonus is ready for earning.

You need to pick your bonus by Dec 12 and then you have till Dec 18 to complete and earn your extra cash. Choose a bonus that you know you can reach. Completing 50 offers is probably not that easy for everyone.

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