How to get your bonuses and fees back from banks

We’ have all been there. We lose track of minimum balance requirements for a checking account and all of a sudden we are hit with a “minimum balance charge”. Don’t panic, this can be easily reversed. The easiest way is to send them a secure message and politely let them know that you weren’t aware of such fees and to please refund your account. Personally I have had success about 80% of the time. If this doesn’t work, then you can call them as well, but usually if the first option didn’t work, chances are that the call won;t change anything.

The same way goes for receiving bonuses that were promised to you. Although you might want to wait a few weeks after the stated period of time for receiving the bonus. When you are 100% sure that they don’t intend to give you that sign up bonus, then you can try the secure message route with your bank. However you might get an answer such as “ACH transfer doesn’t qualify”. Don’t fight them on this. Another option is to go to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. There you can complain about your bank and give detailed information on what happened and what you are looking for. Bank will usually just give you the bonus in about two weeks to avoid bad rep.

Always remember though, be polite, speak and write in an intellectual manner and try not to get into an argument or shouting match. If politeness doesn’t work, then it might be better to just add that one to the loss column.

Hope this helped!

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