How To Buy IHG Points For 0.6 Cents

You can earn IHG points in different ways. The most common is through generous credit card sign up bonuses that offer 60K or even 80K points. There’s also promos that will earn you lots of points such as this one that’s still available and will net you over 50K points. There’s also promos that will let you buy points at a discount that sometimes max out at a price of around 0.6 cents.

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But there’s also another option that’s been around for a while and it just got cheaper. IHG let you pay for your room in cash, points or points + cash. The latter option is the one that lets you buy IHG points for a fraction of a cent.

As you see in the example above, you can book that Holiday Inn Express in Times Square for either 35,000 points or 25,000 points and $70. So you’re paying $70 for 10,000 points. You can book the room and cancel it after and you’ll be reimbursed 35,000 points instead of the 25,000 and $70 that you paid. You can repeat this to get the amount of points that you need.

While you might have known this already, it looks like buying points through the “points & cash” method got a little cheaper. Some hotels show options to buy 15,000 points for $90 or 10,000 points for $60. That’s 0.6 cents per point. You won’t see these offers on all hotels, but they will show up on certain location on certain dates such as this one in Anaheim (HT: OK216 on reddit)

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This is a great option to have when you’re looking for some extra points to book a hotel. But you should always do your math when booking with points because in some instances you’ll see that paying cash will be cheaper than buying IHG points, such as the Anaheim example above.

You can find great value in the IHG PointBreaks list but there’s also lots of high end properties that will net you a value of 1 cent or more per point.

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