Google Pay Offers, Get $30 When You Pay for Walmart+ Membership

Google Pay Offers Walmart+

Google Pay Offers, Get $30 When You Pay for Walmart+ Membership

Google Pay was updated recently and one of the most popular additions has been the Google Pay Offers tab. You can read more about these new offers here, and a $21 signup bonus for new Google Pay users. Now there’s a new offer, this one for Walmart+, and it could possible stack with previous deals to get a free membership and a profit.


Earn $30 cashback when you activate this offer and purchase the Walmart+ membership annual plan using your enrolled card. The offer will expire within 48 hours of being activated, or on the offer expiry date, which is January 15, 2021.

So make sure to activate it when you actually need to use it.

Offer Terms

  • The offer is valid until Jan 15, 2021.
  • Cashback will be processed when you free trial is over and your card is charged.
  • You can earn a maximum of 1 rewards with this offer
  • Valid online only on the Walmart Plus (Walmart+) website.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This Google Pay Offer for $30 in cashback could stack with other promotions that we have seen recently for Walmart+. Swagbucks for example has a $50 bonus for signing up or check here if you see a $75 offer. Coudl be worth waiting if the $100 offer comes back around though. The Dosh app also has a deal for $25 for new Walmart+ memberships. Swagbucks and Google Pay use the same network for their offers so it is not guaranteed that both will be triggered. But if everything stacks, you can come out ahead considering Walmart+ costs $98.

Sign up for Google Pay here to get a $21 bonus after you make a $10+ transaction.


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