GiftCardMall Confirms Data Breach That Led to Unauthorized Charges

Last month I wrote about some fraudulent charges that people were seeing on their cards after making purchases at GiftCardMall. These charges were made at other stores, soon after the card was used at GiftCardMall.

GiftCardMall Confirms Data Breach

Now GiftCardMall has acknowledged that a breach has happened. DoC has posted a letter that was sent by them where they explain what went on. On May 21 they discovered an authorized script that was placed on the GCM website. The code had been there for almost a month before being discovered. Names, addresses and card information for people who made purchases during that time, may have been compromised. But GiftCardMall also says that there’s no evidence that your personal information was actually accessed by an unauthorized party.

That’s a bit strange as many people have had unauthorized charges on their cards.

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