Freebird, $15 Credit for Uber/Lyft Rides for Game of Thrones Finale

Freebird is an app that enables you to earn cashback from things that you already do, such as taking an Uber or Lyft ride. The app is available for iOS and Android-based devices. Now there’s a new offer for Game of Thrones fans, for the show finale.

freebird game of thrones


Create a Game of Thrones Finale party code for your guests, and give them up to $15 roundtrip on their Freebird rides to your party!

  1. Enter the party address
  2. Create a party promo code
  3. Share code with party guests

Every guest that enters the party promo code will get up to $10 back on their ride to the party, and then up to $5 back on their ride home from the party.

To create a party for this Freebird Game of Thrones promotion, go to Profile and you should see ‘Create Game of Thrones Party’ option listed first in the menu.

Signup Bonus

New users can enter promo code WAM20BAM to get up to $10 back on 2 rides. Users who claim that code can then claim APR19BONUS. This code is good for up to $10 back on an extra ride. So that’s a total of $30 for three rides.

You can also use these two codes:

  • $5 off your first two rides with code S9629
  • $5 back when you use promo code URBDAY1 till 11/30/2019
  • Use promo code HH0418 to get 250 bonus points on rides taken today (April 18th) between 5PM-10PM EST

Just add them all in the app and then clock them when requesting a ride. If you don’t select a promotion, they are automatically applied starting with the one that expires first.

Guru’s Wrap-up

If you often take Uber and Lyft then it’s definitely worth getting the Freebird app to earn extra cash for your rides. You need to enter codes in the Freebird app, not Uber or Lyft. You can read more about the app here.

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