[OOS] Free Amazon Echo Show 5 at Verizon

Free Amazon Echo Show 5 at Verizon


Add two to cart and it should come out free, either color. Trouble checking out but looks like a couple of people were able to order. Worth a try definitely.

Let me know if it works.

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22 thoughts on “[OOS] Free Amazon Echo Show 5 at Verizon

  1. Just picked up at Verizon store 30 minutes away. Crazy deal. Didn’t think they would honor it. Thanks Danny. Great site I always read but rarely comment.

  2. Did 1 pickup order. I wasn’t able to get one through with free delivery. Thinking of it now it was probably the better choice anyway. Less chance of a cancellation. I just got the pickup email.

  3. Any idea what the discount was or if there is any fine print? I got two but now I’m wondering if I signed up for something inadvertently or will be charged later!

    • There wasn’t any subscription involved. They just messed up the discount. Maybe it was meant as buy 1 get 1.

    • It showed a $27 discount sometimes when showing OOS. I’m not sure what promotion they were trying to run, but someone is getting fired at Verizon. You have nothing to worry about. They can’t charge more than what they showed you at checkout. Just pray that they honor it.

  4. got 2 orders through, both on desktop, using visa fwiw. thx for the notification. link is working again now but still shows Device trying to add is Out of Stock

  5. FWIW, seems to work fine on mobile to checkout from existing Verizon account even when desktop doesn’t let check out. On mobile errors out once but then allows you to click purchase again and goes through.

  6. I can still add 2 Charcoal, but can’t check out:

    Echo Show 5


    Sale 100.0% off

    $0 due today

  7. Ordered 2 black. White was showing OOS. Now can’t check out anymore. I click Place Your Order and nothing happens.

  8. Please call us at 1-800-652-0644. We need more information to complete your application, it’ll take just a few minutes.

    Anyone else got this when you click to purchase at the last step? I’m sure I entered correct information.

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