Few Discounted Gift Cards For AARP Members

AARP members can buy some discounted gift cards through The Gift Card Shop. They have a wide selection of physical and e-gift cards, but only a few have special offers. The rest is sold at face value.

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Here’s the discounted gift cards available right now:

  • e-Gift Cards
    • Buy $50 Nike gift card, get $10 bonus
    • Buy two $25 Domino’s gift cards get $5 Bonus
    • 10% off $50 Chili’s gift card
    • Buy $50 Regal gift card get $5 bonus
  • Physical Gift Cards
    • 20% off $10 Cosi gift card
    • 20% off $10 FreshBerry gift card
    • 20% off Cattle Barron Steak House gift card
    • Buy $50 Bass Pro Shop gift card, get $5 Santa Token
    • 10% off $50 Chili’s gift card
    • 20% off $25 Brother’s Bar & Grill gift card
    • 20% off $25 Becks Prime gift card

In case you didn’t know, AARP it’s open to anyone. You do not have to be “old”. I have a membership myself and it comes with some good benefits that can easily cover the annual fee. You get car rental discounts, hotel and fares discounts, 10% off at AT&T, discounted car insurance, discounts at few chain restaurants, drugstore discounts and much more. You can check all benefits here.

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