Earn 100 Points A Day With GAP Credit Cards (Targeted)

GAP has sent out a promotion to some of its cardmembers with an offer worth up to $90. You can earn 100 points each day, when you use your GAP credit card outside their brands, now through June 30. The same offer was also available at the end of last year.

GAP credit card

You can put any charge on the card to get the bonus points, such as a small load to your Amazon account. If you do this daily, you’ll have a little less that 9,000 points till the end of June. The points are worth a penny each when used at GAP brands. It takes two billing cycles for points to post.

Lots of store cards have offers like this, so it’s always good to keep an eye out on those mailers you receive.

HT: r/churning

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