Discounted Cabela’s Gift Cards At BJ’s, 24% Off 3x$25 Pack

BJ’s is selling a 3 pack of $25 Cabela’s Gift Card for $56.99. That’s a 24% discount. There’s no limit, but the item has been in and out of stock this morning, so you need to refresh time after time and hopefully you’ll be able to purchase.

Discounted Cabela's Gift Cards

On top of that you can earn another 3% from shopping portals (Mr. Rebates has been tracking for me on gift card purchases), 2% in BJ’s Perks Rewards ( if you have BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership) and your credit card rewards. That should give you a discount of about 30% in total.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a great discount and it can even make you a profit if you’re into gift card reselling. The only problem is being able to buy them. The same deal was also available a few days ago, but went out of stock quickly.

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