Devaluation of Hilton Honors Points?

A new thread on FT points at a possible devaluation of Hilton Honors points. It lists several properties where award prices have gone up, likely in the last few days. There has been no official notification, but again with dynamic pricing, there’s rarely such notices.

Devaluation of Hilton Honors Points

The Gate reports more properties where prices have also increased. I haven’t had my eyes on any specific Hilton properties recently, so I’m not able to verify myself when the changes might have gone into effect. There’s also no way to know what scale of a devaluation we are talking about.

But it’s a good reminder to check for your upcoming stays and see if prices have gone up. If you have lots of Hilton points, hopefully you have already cashed them out through Amazon at half a cent each. That will probably look like more and more like an amazing deal.

Let me know if you have noticed any price increases.

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