All Citi Hilton Links Are Now Dead

American Express won the exclusive rights to issue credit cards for Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. starting Jan. 1, 2018. Soon after that announcement, Citi removed Hilton cards from its website. But for a week or two your were still able to apply through some unadvertised links that we posted here.

Now all these links are dead and there’s no way to apply for a Citi Hilton card any longer, as far as I know. I assumed this would happen and encouraged those who were eyeing the cards, to apply as soon as possible. Hopefully you did.

Those who do have the cards, will be able to keep them until later this year I guess. They most likely will be converted to another Citi product, but it has not been made clear which one yet.

Now let’s hope that Amex will bring us some better offers for Hilton cards and maybe even a new product.

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