Chase Sapphire Reserve’s $300 Travel Credit Posts Instantly

You must have heard about the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card, unless you’e been under a rock for the last two weeks. If so, you can read more about the card here. Besides the great sign up bonus, one of the best perks that comes with the card is theĀ $300 Annual Travel Credit. This credit can be received once per calendar year which means that you can get it twice, while paying only one $450 annual fee.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

We knew this was a great benefit even before the card was released, but apparently it is much better. Travel credit with post automatically and instantly as you make travel purchases, up to $300. Also it includes a wide array of travel charges, from airfare, hotels, Uber and even Metrocard charges in NYC and similar services in other cities. There’s already plenty of data points on FT.

I think most people will be able to get the $300 credit with organic spend, but there’s also the gift card route, just in case. DoC has a good post that lists various options.

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